Claim your £5 reward at Costcutter today
We hope you're enjoying the new term and many thanks for registering for Fingopay.

Brunel University is the first campus in the world to use Fingopay biometric payments and we'd like you to be amongst the first students to trial the product and give us your feedback.

Your account has been credited with £5 - yours to use until the 31st October.

How your £5 credit works
Each time you use Fingopay we'll match 50% of the value of your basket until you've spent the £5 credit.

So if you buy a drink for £1, you only pay 50p and your Fingopay balance will be £4.50 until you use it again. If you spend £10 you can redeem the entire £5 credit in one purchase.

If you don't start to use the £5 credit by 31st October it will expire, so come down to Costcutter today.
Tell us why you haven't used Fingopay yet
We're constantly trying to improve our product and service and would love to understand why you haven't used Fingopay yet?
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